Thursday, January 5, 2017

Blogger Interviews: A Naturelle Craving blog

Meet Zimbabwean born - Malaysia based blogger Nyasha Nicole of A Naturelle Craving blog and learn about her style, her belief in all things natural, her natural hair  journey, holistic lifestyle, DIY beauty habits and how she dresses in this interview by Chiedza Alexandra Mebe

1.      Who is Nyasha Nicole?
I am a twenty-something year old Zimbabwean female. A first child of four and was raised the typical Zimbabwean way. After completing my A- Levels at Gateway High school in Harare I travelled to Malaysia to further my studies and that is where I am currently based. I graduated with Bachelors (Hons) in Marketing and Business Management and work in the telecommunications industry. I have lived a normal average life until just over a year ago when I started blogging and decided it was time to live “outside the box”. I have been celebrating life and trying to live as fabulously as I can ever since!   I love travelling, reading, cooking and organizing (hahaha, you’re probably thinking weird). I am one of the few women that do not enjoy shopping; I would rather sit behind my computer and add items to my cart (now you’re probably thinking how weird can she be). I am a huge DIY person; if I can make it myself I am not paying money for it.

2.      What inspired you to blog?
When I did my big chop in Nov 2014 and started my natural hair journey, something within me was awakened and I began paying attention to labels on the products I purchased. I started doing research on different products and came to the realization that natural ingredients are the solution to my health & beauty needs. In celebration of my 1 year natural anniversary I decided to start a blog to share all the things I have learnt & continue to learn about in living the ‘natural’ life.
3.      What can people expect from your blog?
A wide variety of content, from lessons I have learnt from my hair journey such as hair growth tips, simplified wash day routine, skincare tips; like my go to DIY masks, to lifestyle related posts such as the importance of having a morning routine and travel posts. I have recently started a new segment where I update ‘taking stock’ posts at the beginning of every month so that my subscribers can be updated with what is happening in my life.

4.      What do you intend to achieve with your blog?
I want to share my love for ‘all things natural’ and to let other ladies out there know that the solution to most of your hair/ skincare problems can be found in your kitchen. I only share what I have personally tried. It is my hope that the ladies around me can be inspired to live a more ‘holistic’ lifestyle and learn a thing or two from the posts I share.

5.      What’s the one thing every girl should own?
A wig! Girl you need one for those for lazy/ bad hair days. If you cannot afford to purchase one, I suggest you invest in good quality hair, use it once or twice then make your own wig from it. There are so many helpful tutorials on YouTube, from which I actually learnt and made all my 4 wigs (straight long & short, curly long & short).

6.      Tell us what your 2017 is looking like?
2017 is looking really bright! I intend on making some really big changes in my life particularly with my career. I will talk about this in detail in an upcoming post on my blog. I recently completed my Masters course and will have more time for blogging so I am hoping to partner with some brands and do more collaborations with other bloggers.

7.      The most expensive thing you have ever bought?
I paid my own fees for my postgraduate course and am proud to say I am now a Masters holder. In terms of physical items I am a gadget person so it would have to be my Macbook Pro.

8.      We have noticed that you definitely prioritize your appearance; what do you like most about your appearance and define your personal style?
I like my small-medium sized frame (I recently started appreciating that, growing up I always associated myself with being skinny) because it allows me to fit in with different types of clothing and trends. I guess I have also learnt how to dress for my body type. When it comes to my personal style I love blacks, whites, greys. You would hardly see me wearing bright colours like pink, green etc maybe red on a really good day.

9.      What would be the ultimate brand for you to work with?
Tarte Cosmetics! They are an organic, paraben, mineral oil and gluten free make up brand, which is everything I stand for.

10.  What fashion and beauty rules do you live by?
Comfort over everything! Yes we all want to look good but there is nothing classy about a lady looking good but we can see that she is not herself or that she is struggling in the outfit. I always want to look good but I make sure I stay true to who I am and am comfortable in the outfit choice.
And certainly when in doubt about what to wear I go with black.

11.  Is the blogging industry what you imagined it would be like?
No. Before I started blogging I thought it would be all rosy and I would come up with a new post weekly, have thousands of subscribers and make money. When I started blogging I realized that I was so busy (balancing work, school and now a blog) I could not update posts on a weekly basis so I had to do what worked for me (which until now is always changing). In terms of subscribers I learnt that I just had to be true to who I am, continue posting authentic content and combined with consistency my subscriber base grew (it did not happen overnight). Financially I have not even gotten to that point yet, for now I just want to build relationships with my subscribers and continue producing good content.

12.  Any last words?
Quit looking at what everyone else is doing. Stay in your lane and do you!


  1. Oh wow thank you for the feature dear! Cheers to a Fabulous 2017!!!